Despite Parc being one of the largest and more complex prisons in the UK, we nevertheless pride ourselves at the many innovative approaches to wellbeing and rehabilitation that are available for our prisoners, as well as providing excellent employment possibilities for our staff. Our success is borne out by two recent outstanding inspections – first by HMIP (Her Majesty’s Inspection of Prisons)2019 and second by Estyn (the education and training inspectorate for Wales) 2019- that both rated Parc highly.

We believe that a prison sentence is an opportunity to change and as such, we provide many supporting facilities to encourage prisoners to use their time productively. These include engaging with recognised intervention programmes, deepening family connections, obtaining qualifications through learning and skills, and even to finding employment for a prisoner on release.

Our staff are highly trained and provide a range of secure and safe learning environments that are suited for all ages and abilities including:

  • The only Young Person’s Unit in Wales – which HMIP Inspectors quoted as ‘the best establishment for looking after children and others could learn from the work being done here’ (HMIP Report  Nov 2019).
  • And the Cynnwys Unit for those with Learning Difficulties which was awarded National Autism Society accreditation (Autumn 2018).
Heather Whitehead

Heather Whitehead – Director


The philosophy of our prisons is to rehabilitate residents and equip them to re-integrate into mainstream society on release. We seek to normalise prison conditions as far as possible and reflect life in the outside community. Our aim is to create an environment in which staff and residents feel safe, and causes of prison stress are minimised.

HMP Parc exterior

Central to our philosophy is the relationship between staff and residents. Our training and operational practices emphasise the need to treat residents with dignity and respect. G4S staff build positive and supportive relationships with residents in their care. We create a constructive regime through provision of suitable education and work programmes. We actively encourage prisoners to address the causes of their offending. This is achieved by the provision of a range of Offending Behaviour Programmes, active sentence planning procedures and by providing appropriate employment and training opportunities.

We provide an environment which is modelled on the terms, conditions, practices and standards both offered and expected by industrial employers. We give residents real work experience which reflects the ethics required in business. G4S provides opportunities for residents to gain national vocational qualifications that assist them to find work on their release.

Many visitors, on first coming to Parc, are surprised at what they see once they enter the prison as the site is large and spacious and spotlessly clean. We believe that the environment impacts on those in our care and plays a significant role in the rehabilitation process. With this in mind, throughout the site are extensive gardens that contain pieces of art often made by the prisoners themselves. Embedded within these visual displays is an emphasis on ecology and nature conservancy. The gardens won recognition from the Royal Horticultural Society who awarded the prison the prestigious Windlesham Prize in 2017 and 2019.

Parc has won many awards over the years that reflect the high levels of professionalism that make the prison what it is today. Below are some of the major and more recent ones.


investors in excellence
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Awards and Commendations
2007 Corin Morgan-Armstrong
2013 Learning Difficulties Team
2014 Older prisoner care Team
2015 The Gym Team
2015 Phil Forder
2016 Howard Craven
2017 Mark Brayshaw
2017 Jason Edwards
2018 Hayley Morris

Arts & Business Cymru

2007 HMP & YOI Parc/Spectacle Theatre –
Arts, Business & Young People
2008 HMP & YOI Parc –
Business of the Year
2008 Phil Forder/Anita Flowers –
Arts, Business & the Community
2009 HMP & YOI Parc/Hay Festival of Literature & the Arts –
Arts, Business & the Community
2017 HMP Parc/Fio Theatre, Literature Wales, Valley and Vale Arts-
Arts, Business & the Community



HMP & YOI Parc is committed to developing a diverse, equal and truly inclusive workplace and community and we do so by valuing, celebrating and embracing Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI). Through recognising the benefits of EDI, we believe excellence can be achieved in terms of service delivery and employment practice.

Our aim is to have an environment that respects and values difference, where everyone feels welcomed and confident to be themselves. To this end, we acknowledge the following basic rights for everyone to be:

  • Treated with respect and dignity
  • Treated fairly.


Our EDI Values

We value diversity and recognise that different people bring different perspectives, ideas, knowledge and insights that will benefit all.

We respect the rights of individuals, including the right to hold different views and beliefs. We will not allow these differences to be displayed in a way that is hostile or degrading to others.

Dealing with discrimination

We have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, harassment (including bullying), and victimisation of any individual. It is contradictory to our values and commitments. All allegations of such behaviour will be investigated, and appropriate action taken.


HMP & YOI Parc complies with the Equality Act 2010 and we understand our duties under the Act and the protected characteristics detailed within the Act.  We fulfil this commitment by ensuring that our policies, training and development reflect the principles laid down in this statement as well as our obligations under all legislation and EDI best practice.

All employees, service users and contractors/ service providers have a duty to support and uphold the principles of our EDI Statement and its supporting policies.

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