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Heol Hopcyn John
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HMP & YOI Parc is leading the way in enabling prisoners to overcome their substance misuse while in custody, in line with Prison Service National Drug and Alcohol Strategies. We have the flexibility to introduce progressive ideas into the treatment of offenders and to challenge traditional aspects of the prison regime.

Our full-time CARAT workers (Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice and Throughcare) offer support to prisoners both during custody and after release. Provision of service also includes group work interventions, ranging from individual drugs to complete relapse prevention programmes. The team run a number of psychosocial courses including:- 

- Relaxation techniques
- Harm reduction issues
- Drug awareness
- Clinical interventions to support recovery
- Alcohol awareness
- Healthy living and healthy balanced diet.

We are also running the Naloxone pilot project to prevent overdose in the community.

P-ASRO (Prisons – Addressing Substance Related Offending) is an accredited cognitive behavioural group work programme designed to address drug dependence and related offending. It is a highly structured cognitive behaviour programme aimed at reducing reoffending linked to substance misuse. PASRO is run on the alcohol and drug unit. Compliance with CBDT Voluntary Testing and P-ASRO compact is mandatory to the programme.

COVAID (Control of Violence For Angry Impulsive Drinkers) is run on the new drug and alcohol unit. There is an expectation for six groups per year to be run during the pilot scheme. COVAID is an accredited programme and stands for Control of Violence for Angry Impulsive Drinkers. It is a 10-session group treatment programme for people who are aggressive or violent after drinking. Each individual group caters for twelve sentenced prisoners with a minimum of 3 months left to serve. This is to allow for completion of the programme and post programme assessments and reviews.

We are also developing a new alcohol and drugs unit which incorporates compact based drug testing (Voluntary Testing Unit), creating a link between therapeutic interventions such as counselling, acupuncture and yoga with a range of offending behaviour programmes and includes tackling drugs through physical education. The new Drug & Alcohol Unit  is aimed at drug/alcohol abusers whose offending behaviour is linked to the use of substances such as heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, methadone misuse etc. The guiding principle of this unit is to reduce individuals offending and to cease their illicit drug use or alcohol misuse.
The ultimate objective of the new unit is for the prisoner is to achieve abstinence from all substances.

Access to Alcoholics Anonymous is currently available.

In addition we regularly host Family Days for prisoners attempting to overcome substance misuse, as we recognise the importance of family support for this group of offenders.
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