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Families and Friends
Booking a Visit
Visiting Times
Identification Requirements
What to Expect on a Visit
Facilities for Children
Assisted Visits
Official Visitors
Booking a Visit
Visiting Times
Identification Requirements
Official Visitors

Official visitors will be permitted to enter with document files (subject to search), but not with mobile telephones or other electronic equipment. Audio and video playing facilities will be made available if requested at the time of booking.

Legal or other official visits will be conducted privately in official visit booths. There are five official visits booths available for adult prisoners in the main population as well as a dedicated PACE room. These are located in a separate corridor above the main Visits Hall and are supervised by a member of prison staff at all times.

There is one official visits booth available for the vulnerable prisoner population, located at the rear of the vulnerable prisoner Visits Hall and in view of the Officer supervising the Hall.

Official visits for Young People will either be conducted within designated interview rooms in the Young Persons Unit, or within the Main official visits suite.

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